Thursday, January 27, 2011

Linden Hills Natural Home store, then and now

Linden Hills Natural Home used to be housed across the street from the Linden Hills Co-op in a small house, but after the Co-op moved to its new location, the home store became part of the main store. The variety of products is really good, and even though it looks like everything's compressed into a smaller space, the amount of shelf space is about the same, I was told. Here are pics from the old location and the new one. I apologize for the lack of wide-angle shots of the old location; when I took these in August my intent was to take close-ups of the products, so I don't have many shots of the store.

Old site:
Cleaning products
Plates and utensils, bags and sponges
These are so nifty I'd buy them for myself except that I don't usually pack a cold lunch.

Glass containers
Kids' stuff
I love these Wood from the Hood chopping boards.

Baby stuff
Kitchen items like colanders, pans and rugs
Jars, dishes and compost bins

New site:

As you can see, they have a great selection.

Low-VOC paint

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