Monday, February 28, 2011

Community forum on recycling: let your ideas be heard

Hennepin County has been holding a series of recycling community forums, and the third and final one is in Crystal on March 8. Register online, and then come share your thoughts and ideas on how the county can improve recycling! Everyone's opinions will be compiled and used to help shape the county's strategies for increasing recycling.

There was a forum in Bloomington last week. Sorry I didn't tell you about that one ahead of time!

We had 7 tables of four to five people per table. The sizes of the groups were small enough to have a good discussion about the issues: what would motivate your friends and neighbors to recycle more, what materials do you recycle and why, do you prefer a bin or a cart for your recycling and why, what don't you recycle and why, how do you feel about participating in organics recycling.

Angie Timmons (left) is in charge of environmental education and outreach for our department.

My supervisor, Paul Kroening, gave an overview of what the county's trying to accomplish.

As people left, they voted on what strategies they thought were most important. Blue dots indicated their first choice, green their second.

There'll be another opportunity to tell the county what you think should be done to boost recycling, and that's on the afternoon of April 9 at the Neighborhood Sustainability Conference in Minneapolis. Come bend our ears!

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  1. This is not really related to Minneapolis recycling, but a reminder of how good we have it here. My parents are in Louisiana and report that they have yet to find a recycling bin in the entire state.