Friday, April 13, 2012

Eastside Food Co-op ending its plastics drop-off program

From their website:
After four years working with the City of Minneapolis, Eastside Food Co-op is ending its Plastics Recycling Drop-off Pilot Program.


Because the demand was so great that the City of Minneapolis has included plastics #1-7 in its expanded curb-side recycling program.

In other words, the pilot program was a success -- now the entire City will be able to recycle its #1-7 plastics curbside!

WE WILL CLOSE the Thursday plastics drop-off THIS WEEK on Thursday, April 12.
WE WILL CLOSE the Saturday plastics drop-off on SATURDAY, MAY 5.
We will not be able to accept plastics after those dates. For our patrons who do not live in Minneapolis, we encourage you to find options to recapture your plastics from the waste stream. For all of you who have rinsed, sorted, stored, and delivered your plastics over the past four years, Thank you so much for your support! It is because of your dedication that plastics recycling is now available to all residents of the City of Minneapolis. For more information, visit:


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