Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When will YOU get single-sort recycling?

The City of Minneapolis has posted a map on its web site showing which areas will get single-sort recycling during the phased roll-out.


  1. This is great!! Recycling is the only way to the future, we need to congregate and take control of every resource we use on a daily basis. If we can recycle everything from bottles to cars, we can continue on this Earth...

    -David Enabulele
    Atlanta Junk Cars

  2. Some municipalities accept all types of plastic for recycling, while others only accept jugs, containers and bottles with certain numbers stamped on their bottoms.

    Plastic Recycler

  3. Wow! This is amazing! I can't ever think about running out of room for trash. It all just seems like we will have space and resources forever, and ever doesn't it? I know that I am especially guilty of all this. I really do need to be better about sorting my trash into things that can be recycled, like paper and soda cans, and then actually recycling them! Thanks for the information. I think that I will try to set a goal for myself and work on this recycling business.

    King Recycling

  4. I am trying to locate, for my school composting/recycling effort, who may sell the waste sorting station at Champlin Brooklyn Park Academy I saw with your address attached to it. Stainless steel, 2 sided, 3 holes on each side for bins to sit beneath, structure above for visually showing items that go in each bin.