Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two cool eco-friendly stores in Seattle

Goods for the Planet in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle is chock full of green goodness. Their website says "you'll find familiar basics and things you didn't know existed," and it's true. The store's selection and variety is huge.

Kitchen and bath section
Children's section

They have a whole section of recycled-paper office goods, the first time I've seen such a big selection in a home store.

Compostable serviceware as well as Preserve products

Gardening section

THE best soap dispenser ever. The wide bottom means it doesn't topple over and break in your sink, and the ridged neck makes it easy to pick up with two fingers while pushing down on the pump with one other finger. We bought our dispenser in Wyoming, so I'm glad to know it's in Seattle, too. Made from recycled glass, of course.

Hanging from the ceiling

Ty shower curtain, which I hadn't seen before. It's made of #2 plastic, which won't off-gas like vinyl and is widely recyclable.

Sign above the trash: To the landfill. I'll be copying this idea!

NuBe Green is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and carries artsier (and pricier) items than Goods for the Planet. Not only is every item made in the U.S., but the material for every item is either U.S.-grown or U.S.-sourced.

GreenStyled bags, made in San Francisco, are made from produce bags with cool labels.

Alchemy Goods' bags are made from recycled vinyl banners, with handles from recycled seatbelts and grips from recycled bicycle tubes. Made in Seattle.

I like the grips

A fun poof ball made from T-shirts

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