Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Earth-friendly pet care

This post combines my two passions: the planet and pet health. Want to take care of the Earth and your dog and/or cat at the same time? Check these out:

One of the most important factors in raising a healthy pet is FOOD. I think feeding them grass-fed, free-range meats and bones along with fresh organic veggies is best. One wonderfully convenient option in southwest Minneapolis is Woody's Pet Food Deli (thanks, Ingrid!). Second best is finding a good commercial food, and Karma organic dog food is good for pets and good for the planet.

I also love World's Best Cat Litter. Cats really like the texture of the litter, and it's not mined like clay litter. Read more here.

An unavoidable part about having a dog is picking up after it. BioBag Dog poop bags are completely biodegradable and compostable. And I like the company's philosophy: "Remember, our goal is to help divert all naturally biodegradable waste from entering our landfills. This includes food waste, yard waste, paper waste and pet waste. If any of these items are placed in an anaerobic (air-locked) landfill, their natural ability to biodegrade can be severely diminished."

Check out hemp collars and leashes made in the U.S. by earthdog. And Planet Dog makes 100% recycled toys, hemp collars and leashes and organic cotton T-shirts for humans.

And to finish on a warm and fuzzy note: West Paw Design makes some wonderful eco-friendly dog beds, sweaters and toys. Their beds are made from 85% recycled soda bottles and are made in Montana, not outsourced overseas.

Some sites that focus on eco-friendly pet products: Olive Green Dog, Only Natural Pet.

See something I missed? Drop me a line.

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