Friday, February 26, 2010

My favorite countertop compost bucket

Our biggest problems with collecting food waste for curbside (not backyard) composting were moisture and odor. Sometimes there'd even be a puddle of wetness at the bottom of our bin, and at times the smell would drive us to change bags even though the bag wasn't full. So I love the effective design of the BioBag Max Air food waste bucket. It's got holes on all sides, so it really breathes, allowing heat and moisture to escape from the cornstarch-based compostable bags and the food to dry out, greatly reducing odors. The pictures on BioBag's website speak volumes. The bin is made from Novamont's bioplastic resin based on vegetable starches. And it sells for only about $9 online!


  1. i have a ceramic composting bin from plow & hearth. it's yellow. it's pretty. but it has a design flaw--it's narrower at the top than at the bottom, which means the bags are almost impossible to get out when theyy're full. (but it does not stink-it has a charcoal filter in the lid.)

    this looks cheaper and more practical.

  2. That is one hell of a design flaw.