Thursday, November 4, 2010

Airports and receptacles

Finally!! An airport that puts a recycling bin right by the screening area, where most people dump their beverages! Good job, Sea-Tac! They got a pat on the back earlier this year for their recycling efforts. Thumbs-up to this part:
Also during the past year, the airport published an Environmental Strategy Plan which identifies airport sustainability efforts over the next five years, including specific waste reduction and recycling goals that will be used as benchmarks to measure our progress.

And then Sea-Tac stumbles: free-standing trash bins

Why not just make these combo set-ups the norm?

Disposal station at the Hubert Humphrey Airport (which also had free-standing trash bins)

And then closer to home: the Central Library in downtown Minneapolis. Co-worker Carolyn pointed out that having the universally recognized recycling symbol on the Waste container is confusing. Quite right.

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