Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The packaging of public school lunches

Concerned Mom Tracy asked me to come to Windom Spanish Dual Immersion School this week because even though the school is already collecting organics for composting, she wanted to know about recycling options for all the packaging that food comes in.
Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of suggestions. Some of the wrappers can be sent to TerraCycle for recycling, and the #5 plastics can be brought to Whole Foods to be recycled by Preserve, but most of the plastic wrap and packaging is true trash.

Fruit comes in plastic cups, tortilla chips are packaged in plastic, fork/knife/spoon/napkin are packaged, burrito comes wrapped in plastic, cheese sticks are wrapped in plastic, salad comes in a plastic container with plastic wrap over it, salsa comes in a plastic cup.

Green bins are for organics, red for trash and small buckets are for liquid.

Bilingual signs

Their organics-recycling coordinator put these stickers on the paper-towel dispensers.


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