Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brooklyn Park Recycling Center now taking your organics!

At last there's a place where you can drop off your organics in Hennepin County if you don't have curbside service! You can be a resident or a small business, and you're allowed to bring 5 bags per day for free! Yes, it's in Brooklyn Park, which is a little far for some of us, but if this effort is successful more sites may open. So start separating your household organics, and bring 'em on over (in compostable plastic bags) to the drop-off center. Here are all the details as well as a list of what's compostable and what's not.

These carts stand ready and waiting for your compostables! Bring them Tuesday through Friday only.

John and I went out to the Brooklyn Park facility to talk to the staff about the new program and answer questions. They were very helpful in flagging potential issues that residents would have.

Put your organics here. You have to live in Hennepin County, so don't waste your time and energy driving from another county.

Look at that concentration. What a perfectionist.

And here are a couple of pictures I took at the composting site yesterday. This is where all the organics from the Brooklyn Park facility go. I wrote about the composting process in detail here.

A big, beautiful pile of rich compost.


  1. Is there anywhere we can take our compostables in Coon Rapids (Anoka County)?

  2. Hi, Martha, unfortunately there isn't. Write to your City Council and trash hauler to tell them you want it! People need to hear from folks like you.

  3. Does this have anything to do with the incinerator they are planning to build/have built in Brooklyn park MN /Hennepin County?