Friday, July 1, 2011

The composting site redux

To celebrate the start of Hennepin County's first organics drop-off site at the Brooklyn Park facility, I'm going to post some more pics from SET's composting site in Empire Township. I finally got to go myself in May when the Master Recycler/Composters (MRCs) took a tour, and I went again last week.

The pics I'm posting here are some highlights; if you want to know about the composting process in detail, I wrote about what goes on at the SET site in this blog post.

A load of organics arrives from Brooklyn Park.

Grabbing a load of organics to mix with yard waste.

The red machine is the mixer.

The mixed product comes out the back end.

And here are pics from May, when the MRCs toured the site.

Atop the berm that separates the yard waste area from the organics area.

People dropping off yard waste.

Loading yard waste to be mixed with organics.

These fans that blow air into the piles are essential to making the compost here. The fans are connected to two pipes that run under the pile, with holes every 6 inches so the air can blow up through the piles, keeping them aerated.

A big pile, doing its decomp thing.

This gives you an idea of how tall the piles are.

Some bits of plastic and garbage in the pile. All this has to get screened out.

Awesome compost is the finished product.

Trucks get weighed on the scale on the way in and the way out.

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