Thursday, July 21, 2011

The organics bunker

After your food scraps and non-recyclable paper leave your house, they come here to the Hennepin County Recycling Center and Transfer Station in Brooklyn Park (aka Brooklyn Park Transfer Station) and get dumped in this bunker that's separate from the trash pit (see next pic). All the organics from Minneapolis come here, get tipped to check that the load's not too contaminated with non-organics, and then are loaded onto a larger semi (20 tons at a time) to be driven to SET's composting facility in Empire Township. When Ch. 12 did the interview on the new organics drop-off program, they also shot footage of this bunker, which is why I finally got to see it, so here it is for you to see, too.

Here's the gigantic trash pit. On the right side of the photo is where garbage trucks back up to the pit, and the trash comes tumbling out.

See the catwalk on the left of the photo? We walked over the pit from the residential drop-off side of the facility to this area, called the tip floor.

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