Monday, July 11, 2011

Stormwater management in our own back yard

I bought this tandem rain barrel set-up off Craigslist, and Mr. Trashbasher was nice enough to put it up for me. Our one rain barrel was filling up way too fast, so we needed more capacity.

Our first rain barrel is the small one on the left.

After one big rainstorm the first barrel filled up. Then the next day it rained again, and the second barrel filled up! I love our new rain barrels! The guy I bought these from did a really nice job of making them.


  1. Hay, I can use one of those. You have to cut the downsprout so it fits on the barrel, right? Can a hose fit on the faucet?

  2. Yup, you cut the downspout to fit, and yup, a hose can go on the faucet. You should get one!

  3. Oh, that's good! It can be pretty troublesome when one barrel can't fit enough water, no? They do seem well made, and they're useful when there's rain or storm so kudos to the one who made these!

    -Sharon Strock

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