Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally recycled my Styrofoam cups!

I've had 12 large bags of foam cups, plates, trays and clamshell take-out containers sitting in our garage for about three years, most of them from my co-workers. I was determined to get these recycled before this winter. So I called DiversiFoam in Rockford, Minn., where I'd taken foam serviceware (as plates, cups, etc. are called) once before to be recycled. Nope, we don't want them, they said. So I called the nearest Dart Container recycling facility (in Illinois, unfortunately) to see if I could ship my foam there. This super-nice woman called and said sure, we'll take it, but I checked around your area and found a place that will accept your foam, I talked to the guy and here's his name and number. Skeptical (usually people don't want post-consumer foam for recycling because of food debris), I called, and sure enough, operations manager Jon Vikse said he could take my foam ("It's clean, right?" "Yup, sure is. You can look at it, and if you don't think it's clean enough, I'll take it away." "OK.") . So I called the Dart Container woman back and thanked her profusely.

Friday came around, and I loaded up my trusty car and headed north to Anoka. Here's the place.

When I got there and looked around with Jon, I realized Earth First recycles a LOT of foam in addition to electronics and computers. This is 1.5 semi-trailer trucks of polyurethane foam!

This is more than 10 gaylord boxes worth of extruded polystyrene foam. Their baler really packs it in!

John had a whole gaylord box filled with plastic cards.

Instapak foam, which I had no idea could be recycled.

Computer mice.



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