Monday, November 21, 2011

Organics recycling comes to Hennepin's northern schools

Check out this snazzy sorting station at Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy (CBPA)! The Anoka-Hennepin School District got a Waste Abatement Incentive Fund grant from Hennepin County for its three schools in Hennepin County: CBPA, Jackson Middle School and Oxbow Creek Elementary. The organics programs rolled out at CBPA and Jackson Middle, so John and I went to check them out. The schools' curriculum integrators put in a lot of work to get the programs off to a great start.

They used magnets to display the actual items that go in each bin.

The school uses reusable trays and utensils, which really cuts down on waste.

The set-up in the Jackson cafeteria, which has 2,000 kids going through its doors every day.

We were told that the kids are doing pretty well with sorting. The schools have an environmental focus, so the organics program and waste-reduction messages fit in nicely.

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