Saturday, December 10, 2011

Home recycling consultation

Fellow Fulton resident Kathy was kind enough to bid on a home recycling consultation from me at the Fulton Festival's silent auction, so I went over to check out her set-up. Here's what she wrote me ahead of my visit: Currently, all we're recycling formally is cans, glass, plastic, newspaper and batteries. I'd definitely like to start recycling all mail/paper and as much food waste as possible in the back yard.

Her adorable elderly pup slept through most of the consultation.

Her collection set-up for metal, plastic and glass. We discussed using small bins rather than using a lot of paper bags, which yes, are recyclable and renewable, but if you can use as few of them as possible, that's fewer resources consumed.

Here's where boxes and mail get tossed before getting separated. I've heard anecdotally that a lot of people toss everything into one pile and then separate it the night before recycling day -- another reason for moving to single-sort or dual-sort recycling for the whole city. The convenience for residents would be much welcomed!

The newspaper collection area.

We sorted through her kitchen trash, pulling out all the recyclable paper, plastic bags and food waste. This was all that was left.

And here's where she'll put a compost pile in her back yard. Good southern exposure. And because it's right on the alley, her neighbors will see her composting, and maybe that'll spur them to consider doing it, too.

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