Thursday, December 15, 2011

One-sort recycling pilot rollin' right along

Three months into the one-sort recycling pilot programs in the East Calhoun and Willard Hay neighborhoods, and residents are loving the programs and setting out lots of material.

Not uncommon to see the carts filled to the brim.

Can't recycle pizza boxes, though you can compost them, which is what this resident could be doing since East Calhoun has curbside composting service through the city.

For the first time, I got to go with the truck to dump its load of recyclables at Allied Waste's MRF in north Minneapolis.

Single-sort recyclables go here. Two-sort and multi-sort materials go elsewhere at the facility.

Here's the pit where it all gets dumped. Then a back hoe moves stuff to the sorting areas.


  1. Who does the sorting then? Quite messy, or is it done by some kind of machine?

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