Sunday, January 31, 2010

Construction and demolition recycling

If you're doing home remodeling or any big home-improvement project, you throw out a lot, right? So maybe you need a dumpster. But you don't want all that going into a landfill, right?

Check out Atomic Recycling. From their website:

"Construction waste doesn’t belong in the environment. That’s why recycling is such a top priority for Atomic. In fact, no other waste company in the Twin Cities can recycle more types or tons of debris than Atomic Recycling. So whether you’re a top construction company or a homeowner with a small remodeling project, there’s only one green choice: Atomic Recycling."

They separate out all recyclable materials, about 63 percent of each load. I found this list of what they do and don't recycle, including pictures, interesting.

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