Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TerraCycle helps you recycle the unrecyclable

I've told you about the many things we Twin Citians can recycle and where. But I haven't yet mentioned TerraCycle, which upcycles things like

Doritos and Lays foil-y chip bags
CapriSun drink pouches
Skittles, Snickers and M&M wrappers
Oreo and Chips Ahoy wrappers
plastic wine corks
Aveeno and Neosporin tubes
and a whole bunch of other items

making them into backpacks, pencil cases, messenger bags, trash bins, flower pots and lots of bottles for lawn and gardening liquids. Here's the complete list. And you can buy the products online or in major retails stores like Target, Walmart and Home Depot.

Anyway, one of the best aspects of this program is that they give MONEY to your favorite charity for recycling! At 2 to 3 cents apiece, that adds up. And who eats and drinks a lot of the stuff TerraCycle collects? KIDS. And what kid institution is constantly needing money? SCHOOLS. I'm surprised every school in America hasn't signed up for TerraCycle's programs. They even pay shipping! All you parents out there in the Twin Cities, are your schools signed up? Seems like a fantastic fundraiser to me. Help the environment and help your school at the same time.


  1. this is dangerous to know. this is like giving me permission to eat a lot of oreos.