Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring (and Earth Day events) are in the air

Spring used to mean many things for me, but now I can add Earth Day events galore to my list. This is the time of year when the Dept of Environmental Services' Education and Outreach group gets swamped with requests to appear at schools and communities having events around Earth Day.

This was at the Yard and Garden Expo in Eden Prairie. It was my first time ever doing outreach and education at a booth for an event, and it went well. Talked to lots of folks.

That's Anita manning the table.

I put together this display of organics props, so people could see all the things that can be composted when you do curbside collection.

These next photos are from the Richfield Wellness Expo.

Andre and I manned the table. The wheel to his left is the wheel of recycling trivia questions. The right answer wins you a pencil made out of recycled newspaper.

Lots of gear to tote around to these events, especially with the recycling wheel and its ginormous plastic case.

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