Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sustaining our communities

The Local Government Sustainability Workshop and the Neighborhood Sustainability Conference at Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis was the last major event of Hennepin County's public engagement process. This conference usually draws hundreds of residents and local government officials, so five of us from the Department of Environmental Services attended to get feedback on recycling.

Environmental Services Director Carl Michaud gave an overview of where the county is on solid waste management and what it's trying to accomplish.

Tom Braun and Felicity Britton of Linden Hills Power & Light attended.

Then we broke into small groups by topic: commercial recycling, multi-family recycling, residential recycling and organics recycling.
Organics recycling specialist John Jaimez's organics group. John always draws a crowd. Organics is really catching on!

Angie Timmons and Carl Michaud led the commercial group.

I sat in on the multi-family group with Carolyn Collopy.

The event rented organics-collection carts from the city of Minneapolis, which was terrific. But the station wasn't labeled well, and what signs they had were small and confusing.

What Minneapolis neighborhood are you representing?

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