Friday, April 15, 2011

Two-sort recycling kicks off in Seward

The city of Minneapolis has started a two-sort recycling pilot program in the Seward neighborhood to test whether residents will recycle more if there's less sorting to do. Currently Minneapolis requires recycling be sorted into 9 categories. Click here for some comments about the pilot program and recycling in general.

Pick-up involves two trucks, one to collect each stream (type of recycling). One truck is parked, and the other goes to pick up either containers (bottles and cans) or fibers (paper). After that's done, the recycling crew goes to get the empty truck and picks up the other stream.

Containers (bottles and cans) are getting picked up all mixed together -- plastic, metal and glass.

And fibers (newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper) are getting picked up mixed together, too.

New carts for the pilot.

Carts are hooked onto the cart tipper

The compactor does just that -- compacts.

Broken glass

Tiiiiiiiight fit. The drivers are really skilled at maneuvering in these narrow alleys!

When these bins are full of glass or newspaper, they're really heavy.

The stickers turned out really well.

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