Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saddle up for the Fulton Fall Festival

Back in May, I blogged about the Fulton Farmers Market and how I hoped they'd start collecting their organics for recycling soon. Looks like that's not in the cards till next year, but at the upcoming Fulton Fall Festival, which this year is going to be side by side with the farmers market on Sept. 10, I'll be making it low-waste as usual (also hoping for less waste than last year), so the market folks said I could collect organics at the market, too, that day. So I'm lining up volunteers and doing the planning for that. As part of my planning, I scoped out the waste situation at the farmers market last Sat. since I hadn't been there for a while. Here was the waste composition:

organics: 41 lbs. (below is the organics in 4 compostable-plastic bags)
trash: 6 lbs.
bottles and cans: 3.5 lbs.

As you can see, the trash is mostly plastic utensils and cups. This was what was left from 4 overflowing trash cans after the organics were picked out.

A nice-sized crowd.

Yummy, beautiful apples!

When you're there for clean-up, you get to witness fun stuff like this Chef Shack Lady belting out "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

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