Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fulton Festival and Farmers Market

It was a gorgeous day for Fulton's neighborhood festival and farmers market (above is the lovely display by Patisserie 46), and so many of my wonderful friends turned out to help me by monitoring the waste stations. Thanks to them, it went fantastically! Here are the numbers:

organics/compostables: 147.5 lbs
cans: 10.1
plastic bottles: 5.4
glass: 7.7
plastic film/bags: 2.7 lbs
cardboard: 40.9 lbs
trash: 12.9 lbs

for a total diversion rate of 94%!

It was crucial that we didn't have plastic tablecloths this year, which made up the bulk of our trash last year, and we asked vendors to not give away candy in plastic packaging. And last year we had baked potatoes wrapped in foil (with sour cream and butter in plastic cups), which we eliminated this year. Last year's trash was 22 lbs.

Here're all my disposal monitors, all of them quite green-minded. This is Jon.


Here's Madalyn, standing behind Hennepin County's portable recycling units. Also featured are Carolyn's new stickers and signs.


Marc and Tinzing
4 64-gallon carts filled


  1. but foil is recyclable, isn't it? i've been tossing aluminum foil in with our cans for years. is that a mistake?

  2. Yup, foil's recyclable -- but the foil around the baked potatoes was covered with food, so not recyclable.