Friday, June 11, 2010

Buy some of these! Stick 'em around town!

I went to a workshop of the Association of Recycling Managers yesterday and got a lot of good info. Here's the first bit I'm sharing with you: These Come From Trees stickers help save about a tree's worth of paper every year! One little sticker! The idea is to stick them on paper-towel dispensers, so they remind people to use fewer paper towels. I just ordered 200 of them.

Some other cool facts from their blog:
A single "These Come From Trees" sticker can save around a tree's worth of paper, every year
More than 50,000 stickers distributed since March '07
A typical fast food restaurant with two bathrooms can use up to 2,000 pounds of paper towels a year
The average coffee shop uses 1,000 pounds of paper towels a year
A single tree produces around 100 pounds of paper
Roughly 50,000 fast food restaurants in the U.S.
200,000 gas stations in the U.S.
14,000 McDonalds' in the U.S.
10,000 Starbucks in the U.S.


  1. Nancy, howdy again! Quick question (and I did a search of your blog before I asked ;), but do you know how to STOP getting phone books? I seriously never use them, what with the intertoobs at my fingertips these days. I would love to stop them from coming to my house so someone else who wants to use them can. Let me know if you have ideas.

  2. Hi djl! Here you go, and thanks for asking!

    I also found this:
    "The best phone book replacement service is Google's free telephone-based GOOG-411 service. Call 800.GOOG.411 and follow the directions. Enlisting Yellow Pages Goes Green's services might not stop every phone book from appearing at your door. If you still receive them, place a call to the contact numbers above and make your request in person."

  3. Thanks Nancy, appreciate it. Long time user of Goog411;), pre-programed into my phone:)

  4. How do the "These come from Trees" stickers save
    paper? Sorry for the dumb question.

  5. Not a dumb question at all, and in fact I'm really glad you asked it because I clarified it on my blog post. You put the stickers on paper-towel dispensers at restaurants, stores, etc. and they remind people not to waste paper towels.