Saturday, June 12, 2010

Genesis Poly plastics recycler now open for business

Genesis Poly is positioned to make an enormous dent in the amount of plastics -- agricultural, industrial, food, packaging and post-consumer -- that are sent to landfills or incinerators. Check out this list of the types of packaging they accept for recycling!

Shrink wrap
Bubble wrap
DVD / CD cases & towers
Pill bottles
Recycling & garbage bins
Clamshell packaging
Stock trays
Cosmetic / beauty bottles
Chemical containers
Boat and car wrap
Construction film
Cooking oil bottles
Boil in bag pouches
Microwave trays
Margarine tubs
Bags - Shopping, grocery, bread, produce
Beverage bottles
Dairy containers (yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese)
Cheese wrap
Milk jugs

And packaging really represents just a fraction of all the plastics that are typically burned or sent to a landfill. All those Midwest farmers typically can't do anything with their plastics except trash them. But no more! Genesis specializes in recycling manufactured plastics into flakes and pellets that are then used to make new products. Dee DePass wrote an extensive story about the owners of Genesis Poly in the Star Tribune in January, and I learned Thursday at the Association of Recycling Managers workshop that Genesis is now open for business! The Mankato Free Press also wrote a story. Go, Genesis!

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