Friday, June 18, 2010

Nature Valley bike race in Uptown had NO recycling!

At the Nature Valley bike race in Uptown, there were thousands of spectators and racers, hundreds of bottles of water handed out, hundreds of cans sold and not a recycling bin in sight except for what Sarah Sponheim and I set up. Hello, Uptown Business Association, city of Minneapolis and race organizers!! We ended up diverting from the trash:

1 1/2 96-gallon carts of bottles and cans
1 64-gallon cart of organics
lots of cardboard and boxboard
lots of plastic bags and packaging
lots of granola bar wrappers to go to TerraCycle
and just over 200 plastic cups from the Lucia's beer garden, which I'll recycle at either Eastside Food Co-op or the Coon Rapids Recycling Center

(rinsed beer cups air-drying)

Doesn't anyone care except for two Minneapolis greenies who came with their cart, bins, signs and masking tape in tow?


  1. that's shocking.
    and you're amazing.

  2. ps i think you should send a note to Mayor Rybak. i bet he'd be embarrassed.