Monday, June 7, 2010

Wish we could recycle polystyrene cups, plates, etc. here

Wrote this letter to Dart Container Corporation:

Dear Dart,

I think it's absolutely fantastic that you've opened polystyrene foam
recycling drop-off facilities in the United States and Canada! Please
consider opening one in Minnesota, and all 50 states and Canadian
provinces for that matter. There is a definite need for such
facilities everywhere because so many businesses and consumers use
Dart's products. Please give this some serious consideration as a
product stewardship initiative.

Thank you,

Nancy Lo
Minneapolis MN

and I got a speedy response back saying thanks, but we can't open drop-off sites where we don't have a physical presence because monitoring and collecting the material is too difficult. Oh well, I had to try. I did find out they have 2 portable recycling programs, CARE (Cups Are REcylable) and Recycla-Pak. Some videos are available for watching, too (a little heavy on the self-promotional angle).

Who thinks it's nuts that I'm contemplating driving to Illinois to recycle about 10 garbage bags full of polystyrene foam cups, plates, containers and trays? They're threatening to topple over in the garage.

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