Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kitchen trash, week 8

We had much more trash than usual this week!

The tally for Sun., Sept 12:
ramen flavor packet
2 metal crimps from the ends of a sausage roll
sticky tape from a bagel bag
3 zippers
seasoning packet from soup mix
2 mooncake plastic wrappers
more sticky tape
masking tape with too much plastic stuck to it to compost
2 lactose-pill wrappers
cling wrap from cheese
2 blister packs
1 plastic piece that broke off of a pen
1 preservative packet
1 preservative bullet
2 pieces of plastic from necks of bottles
1 plastic wrapper from a Thai fortune roll
1 piece of plastic that broke off of a container we use as a recycling bin
1 piece of plastic that holds the price tag onto a piece of clothing
and 1 piece of foam that covers the top of a pill bottle

Why so much true trash this week? Most of the tape was from the Fulton Festival (more details tomorrow), but other than that, I guess we just had a really trashy week!


  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that you are my new hero--I've always wished I could find a way to do so many of the things that you are doing! It's so sad to see full trash cans at fairs and other events when so much could be recycled. I'm the type who goes around and pulls plastic bottles and aluminum cans that are visible from the tops of the garbage cans so that I can deposit them in the [usually nearby] recycling bins.
    Anyway, I've not had time to look through your entire blog (yet), but before I go to bed and forget my current thoughts, I'd like to ask if you've ever heard of Northfield's Glass Garden Beads and their project with metal caps (mentioned in this article, whose other contents you might also find interesting, if you've not run across it before: http://northfieldnews.com/news.php?viewStory=53779 ). I know Northfield is not the Twin Cities, but it's only half an hour away, so I thought it might be somewhat relevant/interesting to you.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration, and don't give up on the noble cause!

  2. Hi! Thanks SO much for writing!! I hope you realize that you are also a hero -- anyone who pulls bottles and cans out of garbage cans is my hero! Not only are you saving those from the landfill or incinerator, people see you doing it and maybe they'll think twice about throwing their bottles and cans in the wrong bin.

    I didn't know about Glass Garden Beads, so I'm so glad you told me about them! I definitely think people want to know about folks outside the metro area who are making a difference in reducing waste and recycling more. So THANKS! And keep up the great work! Please write me again if you have more tips or news to share!