Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm making these and putting them up all around Southwest High School. Probably the kids'll see them but it won't change their habits, but maybe I'll reach at least a few students ...


  1. I drive past that landfill in Elk River at least once a month on the way to visit my parents, and my goodness. It is HORRIFYING. You can see it all, right from the road, because the pile is now above the treeline. But the site is nothing compared to the smell. Roll up the windows, turn off the vents, and you are still overpowered with methane. I can't imagine the poor souls who must live downwind from there.

    Anyway, can you convince the folks at Southwest to take the kids on a field trip there? That would be instructional.

  2. I totally want to do this!! The logistics are somewhat daunting, though. But I will ask about the possibility because you're right, it would be hugely instructional. Thanks for commenting!