Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kitchen trash, week 9

The bucket is getting quite full. I may have to empty it next week. We continue to be trashier than usual, a trend that started last week.

Tally for Sunday, Sept 19:

plastic wrap from cheese
4 blister packs
1 zipper
1 piece gauze, 1 piece vet wrap (from our dog's eye surgery this week)
1 Swiffer cloth (polyester, so not compostable)
1 piece red plastic tape from a ground-beef package
1 piece brown thread
1 piece foam (both from the garbage pizza)
6 lactose pill wrappers
1 piece tape from Rustica Bakery (brought by our friend)
seasoning packet, oil packet from ramen noodles
1 piece plastic from the neck of a bottle
1 tamper-resistant seal
5 random bits of plastic
1 piece sticky tape

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