Monday, August 2, 2010

Kitchen trash, week 2

Week 1 consisted of:
1 piece plastic cling wrap from cheese (my husband insists it has too many stickers on it to be recycled)
4 tamper-evident seals from the tops of pill bottles
4 plastic seals from around pill-bottle necks
5 produce stickers
2 blister packs (from dog pills)
4 fortune-cookie wrappers (anyone know if these can be recycled with plastic bags?)
2 crimper/stapler ends of a meatless-sausage roll
8 lactose-pill wrappers (I found one pill still in its wrapper!)
1 zipper from a plastic bag
2 staples
2 pieces of plastic tape from 2 rolls of ground beef

Week 2 consisted of:
4 zippers from plastic bags
1 fortune-cookie wrapper
2 crimper/stapler ends of a vegan-cheese roll
2 lactose-pill wrappers
3 produce stickers
1 seal from the top of a bottle of something
2 heartworm-pill wrappers
1 pc plastic tape
2 pieces of plastic cling wrap (cheese plus a bar of chocolate -- too soiled to recycle)
1 absorbent pad from a container of raspberries
1 pc of plastic film wrapping from ?
and the mother of our unrecyclable packaging: one package from Plato salmon treats for dogs (given to us by our friend Zanner for watching her canary -- thanks, Zanner, the dogs loved them!)


  1. wait, wait--the dogs ate zanner's canary?

  2. Yeah, we waited too long to feed them.

    Rest in peace, Pancho. You were an adorable little guy!