Saturday, August 7, 2010

Uptown Art Fair

New this year at the Uptown Art Fair is an effort to collect bottles and cans for recycling. I think the organizers did a great job in their placement of the boxes -- close to or next to (usually) each trash can.

And they were plentiful, which also is key. I did still see bottles and cans in the trash, but I bet they captured a lot by making the option available.

I again visited Fat Tomato Designs, cool stuff made from recycled sweaters.

The artist, Julie Case, at work. The beauty of her product is she can make potholders at the same time she's manning her booth.

A car battery powers her sewing machine.

Eggs being cut from a yellow sweater for the bacon-n-eggs potholder. As soon as these were done, out they went to the sales rack, hot off the presses!

And I went to see Makeshift Accessories, one-of-a-kind goods made from reclaimed metals.

Drive-By Bags & Things uses recycled billboards.

A great feature is a photo of the original billboard with each bag.

My mom bought this for her lunch sack.

Amy Arnold, makes hats and people from reclaimed sweaters.

A lot of really fun, functional stuff made from diverted used materials. But surely I missed some 'green' artists. If you know of any in the Twin Cities or nearby, please leave me a comment. Thanks!

What'd I buy? A whole bunch of potholders to give as Christmas gifts, a perfect slim-profile card case from Drive-by Bags, and a gorgeous bowl from Jo Severson. Tomorrow: Powderhorn Art Fair.

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