Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kitchen trash, week 4

The bucket's still not full! Here's this week's tally. I have no idea what to call some of these items, as you'll see.

2 plastic wrappers from blocks of cheese (too covered in stickers to recycle, my better half says)
2 zippers
ramen flavor packet wrapper
3 small bits of plastic wrap
2 produce stickers
2 blister packs
1 single blister (from gum?)
1 gummy bit from the top of a bunch of bananas
2 plastic sticker tape pieces from said bunch of bananas
broken rubber band
10 lactose-intolerance pill wrappers
1 piece dental floss
1 preservative packet
1 plastic tether thing that holds a price tag onto a piece of clothing (what the heck is this called?)
1 absorbent pad from meat (again added to the bathroom garbage because of smelliness)

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1 comment:

  1. I'll note that most of that stuff is still some kind of packaging, and theoretically COULD be disposed of in a better way, if produced in a better way. I'll note as well that most of that stuff is connected in some way to my activities. I am chastened. -- Mr. Trashbasher