Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cash for your aluminum cans

I found this ad on Craigslist and sent the person a note of praise for urging people to recycle their cans rather than throw them away, and for giving them a financial incentive to do so. Anyone know of a similar machine closer to Minneapolis?

Date: 2010-07-31, 4:57PM CDT
Reply to: sale-my7da-1873896470@craigslist.org

I have a self service aluminum can recycling machine located in the Econofoods parking lot, New Prague MN (west side of town). Clean, dry and un-crushed aluminum cans are fed through the machine and you are paid on the spot for each can redeemed. The machine counts the cans and kicks out coins. Completely self service! Remember, when you purchase beverages, you are paying for the aluminum. Redeem your beverage cans (12-16 oz aluminum cans only) for money, and stop giving them away to the curbside recycling company. Consider the gas and time involved with transporting cans to Mankato or elsewhere! If you are unable to patronize my machine, I encourage you to save your cans and look for a charitable drop off location... Just don't throw them in the trash please....!


Email for any questions...

McLuminum, LLC


  1. Why only uncrushed (I crush my to conserve space) and how much per can/pound?

  2. Hi MsKimby, I'm afraid I don't know those answers. Probably they have to be uncrushed because of the way you feed them into the machine. I also don't have contact info for the owner of the machine, and his ad on Craigslist has expired. I suppose you could go to New Prague and check out the machine in person, but short of that I don't know the answers. Sorry!

  3. It is the waty themachine processes the can. Crushed cans don't register and, thus, you don't get paid for it.