Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kitchen trash, week 10

Holy trash-generation, Batman, it was a bad week! We continue to be trashy. I have to admit it's getting a little hard to keep track of what trash actually was generated what week because the bucket's so full now.

Anyway, here's the tally for Sunday, Sept. 26:

5 blister packs
21 (!) lactose-pill wrappers
1 zipper
plastic lining from a frozen-juice concentrate tube
3 pieces of plastic wrap from the necks of bottles
plastic peel-off top
foam peel-off top from a bottle of supplements
foil peel-off top
3 pieces of sticky tape
mustard packet (from GreenCorps training)
ramen flavor packet
3 foil-type vitamin packets
plastic label from a bunch of cilantro
plastic wrap from a cookie (GreenCorps)
plastic lining from a package of dog treats

OK, I squished it down, and the bucket is half-full when it's compressed. We'll try one maybe two more weeks before crying uncle! (wonder how many weeks we could go if our bucket had a lid!)

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