Tuesday, April 13, 2010

At the BioCycle conference

I'm attending my very first BioCycle conference, and they are composting for the first time ever! And hallelujah because I would've been sorely disappointed otherwise. How can you have a composting/organics recycling/renewable energy conference without on-site composting? This great set-up and signage are courtesy of Janice Sitton of Good Green Graces, which offers reuse, recycling and composting solutions and services.

Other steps they've taken to green the event: hotel china and silverware are being used instead of disposable plates and utensils, glasses and pitchers of water instead of bottled water and electronic signage instead of nonrecyclable banners.

But I'm sad to say that even among these folks, I'm still seeing plastic bottles and food waste thrown in the trash. Sad.

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