Sunday, April 4, 2010

Containers and carts

More and more I'm hearing: "I can't use my reusable grocery bags because I need the paper bags from the store to hold my recycling." When I told a friend last week she could instead use a small container or box, which the recycling person empties into the truck and then leaves at your curb, she had no idea. So here're the details from the city of Minneapolis on that:

"Small wastebaskets, pails and corrugated boxes less than 10 gallons in size may be used instead of paper bags to hold cans, paper or plastic.
If you plan to regularly use a non-city-provided container for your recycling, you must place city recycling stickers on at least one side of the container.
To request recycling stickers be mailed to you, please call Solid Waste & Recycling at (612) 673-2917."

Think of all the paper bags you could be saving by instead using some homemade containers for your recycling. You can use buckets, pails, small garbage cans, milk crates, etc.

And onto our next item of the day:

If you're reading this blog, you're likely an avid recycler and you generate less waste. Did you know the city of Minneapolis offers a smaller garbage cart that is $2/mo. cheaper? Two dollars might not seem like a big deal, but $24 per year is a good savings, and over, say, 10 years, the savings become significant. I'm proud of our neighbors across the street, who use a small cart for their family of four. To switch to a smaller cart, call 612-673-2917.

Here are the details from the city's website:

"Large garbage carts hold 94 gallons and have a monthly disposal fee of $4. Maximum weight for cart and contents is 200 pounds.
Small garbage carts hold 22 gallons and have a monthly disposal fee of $2. Maximum weight for cart and contents is 40 pounds. ALL garbage in small carts must be bagged or the cart may not be serviced."

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