Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The importance of signage and recycling-bin placement

I've noticed this time and again: A well-intentioned restaurant or store will put out recycling bins, BUT they're not placed close to the trash cans and they're not well-advertised with signs. So what do busy people do? They zero in on the trash can, not bothering to look around for a recycling bin. Businesses: Please put your recycling bins RIGHT NEXT TO the garbage cans. If this isn't possible, put some signage on your garbage can: "Please place your recyclables in the bin over there" with a little arrow pointing the way. Put your signage where it can't be missed. Right on the top of the garbage can. Make it overly, abundantly obvious. Make it hard for people NOT to recycle. Make it easy as pie. Thank you.

Big kudos to The Tea Garden on Hennepin for recycling paper and plastic cups!! Their problem is not bin placement; it's very close to the garbage can. But they need a sign on their garbage can pointing the way to their recycling bin because I've watched people with tunnel vision walk right by the recycling and toss their stuff in the trash. That nice wide rim on their garbage can could easily sport a sign.

P.S. Their green tea chai latte is super flavorful and delicious.

Another big round of applause to the Cedar Cultural Center for its use of ceramic mugs for hot beverages. I imagine that's quite unusual at a concert venue. Also, they have recycling bins, but again lack good signage. People need direction, communication. Help them be good stewards of the Earth. Thank you.


  1. Hey Trashbasher,
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