Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Closing the composting loop

One of the main things I've been working on for the past six weeks has been organizing a school compost media event. Seven Hennepin County schools that're participating in organics recycling were part of our one-day event on May 17, which involved the county arranging for compost to be delivered to the schools for their students to use in their school gardens. This was the composting process coming full circle: lunchroom food scraps and non-recyclable paper that students separated in the fall were coming back to those schools in the spring. The news media and county commissioners were invited to attend.

On the big day I went to two schools: Meadowbrook in Golden Valley (Hopkins School District) and Nellie Stone Johnson in north Minneapolis (Minneapolis School District). It was a hot and sunny day, one of the few that we've had this spring, which has been super rainy.

In the morning, I was at Meadowbrook. About 25 students did the planting, and and Channel 12 came out to cover the event.

Composting Champion and Educator Extraordinaire Louise Miller handed out potatoes to plant.

A lot of veggie seedlings went into the ground this morning.

The students learned about the process of composting in class, and now they were getting to see the finished product. About 120 schools in Hennepin County are doing organics recycling!

In the afternoon, I went to Nellie Stone Johnson, which has a gigantic garden.

Sunflower seeds going into the ground.

Tasting radish seedlings!

Prepping a new bed.

It was an extremely successful day, I'm happy to say. County Commissioners Mark Stenglein, Peter McLaughlin and Gail Dorfman all came, and then talked about the event later that day at their board meeting.

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