Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spreading the love

In the last post, I wrote about my workhorse of a car, always hauling things here and there. Well, in recent days I finally reciprocated some love: replaced a burned-out headlight bulb and also got a new set of tires (a pothole punctured the sidewall of one of my tires). The latter errand turned out to be a very fruitful one.

I went to the Discount Tire store in Bloomington. The guys were very helpful and super nice. Tire Technician Adam taught me all about corrosion on my rim (which he buffed out) and how a tire gets inflated and balanced.

My rim after Adam buffed out the corrosion.

Corrosion build-up on my tire.

New tire without build-up.

Adam mounting my rim onto my new tire.

This machine simulates road conditions and tells the technician how to balance the tire.

And Salesman Adam and I talked about recycling and composting after I saw their trash bin full of office paper. He asked about getting curbside composting at his Minneapolis home because he had lived in Seattle, where curbside organics collection is widespread. Then I said I'd bring some paper-recycling bins, which I put in place myself because the store was very busy at the end of the day.



I also went to the Cub Foods next door, which had just put recycling bins in every single check-out aisle two days previous. Front-end supervisor and recycling enthusiast Kelsey was very excited about the new bins and the addition of bottle & can recycling bins to the employee breakroom and in the offices. She said the new store manager was very supportive of recycling efforts (support from the top is crucial), thus the rollout of all the new bins. We talked about how some signage would help customers figure out where they should put their discards (right now the bins aren't marked).

They're in every single check-out aisle! Excellent! The recycling program is implemented on a store-by-store basis, Kelsey said, depending on whether a particular store's manager makes it a priority and makes it happen.

And I was pleased to see they now offer a compostable container (on the left) for deli foods.

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