Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coon Rapids Green Expo, 1 year later

The weather was super crappy for Coon Rapids' 2nd Green Expo, and I think that hurt attendance a bit.

Coon Rapids Eco Teens

Sustainability Commission member Joeleen Famoso

Recycling center attendant Kermit Kirkevold and Anoka County Solid Waste Abatement Specialist Carolyn Smith
LePage's display of what you can and can't recycle curbside.

Dunn Bros.' table.
Sustainability Commission member Jo Ellen Christiansen

USAgain recycles even linens that are too worn to be worn. (try saying that six times fast)

Don Shelby spoke passionately and at length about climate change and the need for us to change our energy-guzzling behavior.

KidWind's hands-on activity helped kids build wind turbines.

An animated, entertaining performance by Splish and Splash.

Unfortunately the caterer brought Styrofoam and plastic utensils.

which made up the majority of our trash, which was 5 pounds total.

And 39.5 pounds of organics were collected.

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