Thursday, May 12, 2011

Getting filthy in Seward

It was a beautiful, hot day for a recycling ridealong in the Seward neighborhood's two-sort recycling pilot program. I didn't bring nearly enough water, and at the end of 9 hours of riding along with the recycling crew, I was dehydrated, overheated and exhausted.

Someone put yogurt containers in their bottles & cans bin, which is a no-no.

"You were tagged because there were one or more problems with the way the recyclable materials were prepared, as circled below."

Check out the rings of grime on my neck! My skin was coated with sweat and dirt. Remember that scene in "The Fugitive" in which Harrison Ford gets himself cleaned up in a public restroom after evading Tommy Lee Jones? That was me in the Seward Co-op bathroom (well, except for the beard-shaving, hair-dyeing, wound-dressing and painkiller/antibiotic-in-the-butt injecting).

A nice plate of food and a freshly squeezed icy lemonade at the Seward Co-op. Ahhhhh

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