Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spotlight on Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is partnering with Preserve Gimme 5 to produce post-consumer packaging for Seventh Generation. They don't say what packaging the post-consumer #5 plastic is being made into, so maybe they're going to make it into laundry-bottle caps, which are already #5 plastic. I'm happy to see Seventh Generation is now a sponsor of the Preserve Gimme 5 program (consumers drop off #5 plastics for free at Whole Foods stores), because it's an awesome program but it can't be a cheap one. Read the news release here.

Also check out 7th Gen's 96% post-consumer resin bottles and their 100% recycled fiber recyclable or compostable bottle. Love the use of post-consumer materials in packaging! Love the concentrated formulas, which use less water and less packaging! BUT there's an inner plastic pouch (see photo below) that holds the laundry detergent that has very limited recycling possibilities, whereas a traditional bottle can be recycled entirely.

And here's info on the greenhouse-gas impact of their materials usage.

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