Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blazestone: Gorgeous recycled-glass tiles

At Natural Built Home in Minneapolis, we came across some beautiful Blazestone recycled-glass tile made by Bedrock Industries in Seattle. So naturally, since we're in Seattle, I wanted to check it out. It's even more impressive at the source because you can see it in big quantities rather than just looking at samples. They've recycled literally hundreds of tons of glass.

"We pay you 20 cents per pound for squeaky clean, de-labled bottles."

Can you believe how beautiful these tiles are?? And each one is unique!

Plates saved from imminent doom.

Bedrock also offers a rubble swap.

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  1. aaya, lost my previous comment. I asked if you took photos of those beautiful sun catchers made from recycled glass. I bought several when I was there. They are in hanging in my kitchen window, front porch and backyard.