Friday, October 22, 2010

New signs -- one good and one bad

The good sign: I hadn't volunteered at the Mill City Farmers Market for about a month, so when I was there two weeks ago for my disposal-monitoring shift, I saw they had new signs on their composting carts. They look great, and because of their placement people were actually looking at them and figuring out what's compostable. And the even better news: Nearly all the serviceware (cups, lids, plates, utensils) available at the market is compostable, so even if someone doesn't read the signs and just throws everything into the compost cart, they're unlikely to spoil the load.

The bad sign: I blogged about the Coon Rapids Recycling Center cutting way back on the types of plastic it accepts for recycling, but I got to see the effects firsthand last weekend when a big NO sign greeted me at the recycling bins. It was very disheartening, especially when residents showed up with their cleaned, sorted plastics only to have to throw most of them away. People were not happy.

Due to current recycling market conditions, the center now only accepts #1 bottles, cups and lids, all #2s and all #5s.

An example of what's not accepted anymore.

Another example of what's not accepted anymore.

And another example.

These are the only #1s accepted now.

#1s and #5s are co-mingled.

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