Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kitchen trash tracking comes to a close, week 12

The bucket is 3/4 full when I push down on the contents, so we could keep going, but we decided to stop here. Three months is a nice round number to track our kitchen trash, we think.

Here's the tally from Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010

3 Pearson's mint patty wrappers
4 blister packs
3 zippers
3 bouillon cube wrappers
4 lactose-pill wrappers
1 piece polyester string
foily beverage wrapper
1 tamper-resistant seal
2 plastic seals from the necks of bottles

Keeping a tally each week has made me more mindful about how important it is to avoid buying things that come in packaging I can't recycle. I wish we could get away from the individually wrapped lactose-pill wrappers and the blister packs from the dogs' supplements, but I don't think we can. We can go low-waste, but we can't go zero-waste.


  1. Doesn't Lactaid comes in bottles also?

  2. Yes, and we should look for those! Thanks!