Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seeking the best deal on post-consumer paper products

I believe Trader Joe's is still the best deal in town, but I wanted to check other places to be sure. After visiting five different stores, TJ's is definitely the low-price leader.

Whole Foods - St. Paul
Seventh Generation toilet paper, 12-pack of double rolls, $9.99
365 Brand facial tissue $1.69

Lunds - Minneapolis
Green Forest toilet paper, 12 rolls, 90% post-consumer content, $4.99
Seventh Generation toilet paper, 4-pack, $4.36

Green Forest paper towels, $1.59
Seventh Generation paper towels, 3-pack, $5.90
NO recycled facial tissue

Linden Hills Co-op - Minneapolis

Field Day facial tissue $1.79
Seventh Generation facial tissue $2.59 small box/$3.49 large

Field Day roll of paper towels $1.99
Field Day 3-pk of paper towels $3.99
Seventh Generation roll of paper towels $2.49/jumbo roll $2.79
Seventh Generation 3-pk paper towels $5.99

Field Day 4-pk toilet paper $2.59
Field Day 12-pk toilet paper $11.99
Seventh Generation 4-pk toilet paper $4.99

Cub - Burnsville
NO recycled toilet paper, paper towels or facial tissue

Costco - Coon Rapids
NO recycled toilet paper, paper towels or facial tissue

Trader Joe's - St. Louis Park
toilet paper, 12-pack, $3.99
paper towels, 3-pack, $3.99
facial tissue, 99 cents

Click here for the National Resources Defense Council's ratings guide. Thanks, Carolyn!

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