Saturday, October 23, 2010

My first-ever formal presentations

I've given one informal presentation on recycling, but this week I had my first formal presentations, which also involved me preparing my first-ever PowerPoint. Luckily it was for three classes of fourth-graders at Whittier International Elementary School, who I thought would be somewhat forgiving of my inexperience, and I had a partner doing it with me, Andre Xiong from Hennepin County, who was a Minnesota GreenCorps member last year. Still, I was very anxious.

So after rehearsals and preparation and prop assembling, it was time! I covered recycling, and Andre talked about composting. I think the presentations went well, and the kids were great participants, asking lots of questions, but the experience as a whole was a whirlwind. From class 1 to class 2 and then from class 2 to class 3, we had to pack up all our props, move to the next classroom, set up the PowerPoint again and take out all the props again while being watched by the class, all in quick succession. Afterward my head was spinning. So I can't completely accurately gauge how it went because it all happened so fast. Maybe we can ask the teachers for feedback.

Here's Andre talking to the students.

And Andre in the second classroom.

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